The personality of a vineyard, a territory and a way of doing things.

  • Wines that tells a story ·

The personality of a vineyard, of one territory and a matter to be. Strains with tradition that results in unique wines. In their hands it made a tribute to the legacy that writers left us, legends and chronicles that are part of our history. Do you delve into the best of each one of them?

· We promise not let you down. ·

· History ·

Strained with History it’s a wine adventure where the wines are elaborated from the origins of the best vineyards of the best denominations of origin in Spain. The exhaustive research of the best parcels, orientations, altitud and the grape’s variety, results in exceptional wine with a unique personality, marked by the origin and reflecting their own history.
In short, a project that seeks to transmit the essence of the terrior-driven and vineyards through the history of each of our wines.

· Our wines ·

Are wines that reflect the personality of a strain, a territory and a form of making: the harvest, the elaboration and the respect for the field.  A bet on the vineyard, for the eco practices, for the grapes’ harvest in the best conditions, for the elaborations that express the characteristics of the variety, the field and climate. Wines that look for the truth direct path, without shortcuts, and limited production. Well elaborated, not only capable to resist the time pass but to well evolutionate  to satisfy in every moment the exigencies of the consumer.